Tattoos Aftercare

Aftercare is much necessary for tattoo.firstly it can be an exciting, but a worry-filled experience as well.If you are not so careful in choosing a good, professional tattoo artist, you are more likely to get an infection from the tattoo. This is why It is important to follow safety procedures and to know about tattoo artist.something you must follow to avoid burdensome infections. The first thing, you should notice that how safe the tattoo instruments really are, is by measure from the cleanliness of the tattoo machines. The level of hygienic of these machines is very important for the overall safety of the tattoo process. Also, the needles and grips that are used in making the tattoo and its cleanliness are important.It should be new which means it should not be used before.Generally, tattoo makers use tattoo creams or some ointment that are placed over the tattoo area, to help it heal faster. you should know about dye being used in the tattoos and inform the tattoo maker of any allergic reactions you have to these dyes if any.

New tattoo should have light coating of Vaseline on it with a temporary bandage or plastic wrapped over it. The purpose is to keep it from bleeding or oozing blood and ink on you and your clothes. It helps in sealing the tattoo and keep it clean. After few hours you can remove the bandage or plastic wrap with the help of clean water and paper towels. The tattoo should be washed with medicated soap and clean water and let it be dry. In first evening,you should apply some type of ointment on tattoo that you are not allergic to.If the skin on and around the tattoo starts to itch with little red bumps, then conform that you are allergic to whatever ointment you are using.

If it happens, discontinue the use of any ointments, wash often, and let it dry up. It is not recommended to use Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Neosporin, or Polysporin (these all have the same ingredient neomycin, which causes a lot of allergic reactions. Bacitracin is similar, it just does not have the Neomycin or Polymixin antibiotics in it, so it is a little safer. A little Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly may be safe ointments of choice, and can be implemented lightly whereever the tattoo becomes too dry, itchy, or cracked. It will take at least 7-10 days for the initial scab to slough off. Noxzema cream has been recommended by some tattoo artists Some of the brightest and most colorful tattoos usually healed with nothing but soap and water. Just make sure you keep it clean with soap and water. Do not re-bandage the tattoo with gauze or any type of absorbent material. If you work or play in a dirty environment and you should cover the tattoo for the first few days, realize that it is a fresh wound and needs to breath to heal. Sometimes a tattoo may cause a small amount of bruising. This usually occurs on the inside of the arms or legs, or other areas where the skin may be sensitive

Avoid sunburn and contaminated or dirty water.people should stay out of swimming pools for a few days. Some colors seems different during the first few weeks of healing. In particular, Red may appear pink due to the many dead skin cells sloughing off of the top of it. Red also seems to be one of the more slowest healing colors. People needs an extra 2 weeks just for the red to heal.Also with a dark blue, as blue is often a red-based pigment.Gold may turn a bit orange If you get too much sun on it. White may look a bit pink during the first day because of the bleeding.


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