Body Piercing

Body piercing is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an way in which jewelry may be worn. Body piercing is a art of body modification. The word "piercing" can refer to the act of body piercing or to an opening in the body created by this act or practice.It has been practiced in various forms since ancient times throughout the world. In Western culture, body piercing has experienced an increase of popularity spreading to mainstream in the 1990s.

Body Piercing is very popular now a days increases in youth, piercing on the various parts of their body.Normally pierced are done on nose, ears, navel, eyebrow, lips, nipple, tongue and other genital parts.It is a statement of individuality and style also it as a sign of rebellion too.Usually, it is nothing more than a desire to adorn various body parts with jewellery.Piercing is becoming more and more popular it is always advisable to be more aware of its method. Questions arises that does body piercing hurt? A hollow needle is being passed through the body part followed by the insertion of the body jewellery in the hole. Well piercing shouldn't cause any kind of health risk but for that you have to take care of the piercing properly while they are healing. A competent piercer will give you an aftercare guide.

Ear Piercing Eyebrow Piercing

Visit several piercers and check out the work area. The work area must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition. Conform that all the equipments used for piercing are properly sterilised. The type of jewellery inserted will depend on the body part. Piercers recommend non-toxic metals such as surgical steel, 14K gold, niobium, or titanium to avoid infections and allergic reactions. Gold-plated jewellery should not be used. Every body part will take different healing period. It also differ from person to person.

Having tattoo art on different parts of body nowadays becomes in fact a passion for girls. Tattoos stands for girl's style as well as fashion. Sometimes they can be appeared as a symbol of love, romance or something else. As there are multiple range of tattoo designs, girls have the options to pick up their particular choice from angel wings, sacred hearts, sparrows, butterflies, hearts, script tattoos and so on.

Ear lobe takes 6 to 8 weeks,
Ear cartilage takes 4 months to 1 year,
Eyebrow takes 6 to 8 weeks,
Lip takes 2 to 3 months,
Tongue takes 4 weeks,
Nostril takes 2 to 4 months,
Nasal septum takes 6 to 8 months,
Nasal bridge takes 8 to 10 weeks,
Nipple takes 3 to 6 months,
Navel takes 4 months to 1 year,
Female genitalia takes 4 to 10 weeks,
Male genitalia takes 4 weeks to 6 months

Naval Piercing Nose Piercing

Tongue Piercing Eyebrow piercing


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