Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos are known to be as one of the oldest forms of tattoos design. As in body art, flower tattoos have its remarkably own meaning, which shows its significance and statements. It is always related with colorful life, distinct color,pleasant scents and special sentiments.
Flower tattooing can be done in several types of design and colors with different shape and size. It has an positive lure to those of gentle spirit,both male and female. But politics aside, flower design tattoos are known for its lovely looks at and which itself makes them a favorite for women.

flower tattoo on side belly flower_tattoo_on_back.gif

Flower tattoos allow the freedom to choose any colors in the tattoo artists ink palette, whether or not they are actually found in nature. Blue roses are much popular flower tattoos which represent a endeavor for the impossible things, because there are no naturally blue roses.
All that has changed in the past few decades and in this modern era woman is willing to match any man in her choice of tattoos that is why flower tattoos is still remain the one which women most often admire. Generally,Many women choose single small flower tattoos as their introduction to the body art and add more to it to form a bouquet or garland abd use it as the basis for a larger and more complex tattoo in the future.

flower tattoos rose_tattoo

The most popular flower Tattoos and its meanings are:-

  • The Rose Tattoos shows passion,romance,love, youth and beauty.

  • The Hibiscus Tattoos is accepted as a symbol of delicate beauty the world over.

  • The Lily Tattoos symbolizes purity of heart, virginal modesty,sweetness and beauty.

  • The Daisy Tattoos represents innocence.

  • The Sunflower Tattoos is symbolical of the sun, splendor and glamor.

  • The Lotus Tattoos universally represents emptiness and estranged love.

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