Temporary Tattoo

A Temporary tattoo is not permanent tattoos made on the skin as like a true tattoo.It can be drawn,painted as a form of body art or painting which remain for few weeks that is short term tattoos.Temporary tattoos of any kind are used for numerous purposes including self-statements, identification and for a striking looks.As we can see,actor or actress who wish to add to their character uniqueness might take temporary tattoos painted on the skin by hand as part of their cosmetic liturgy.

Modern temporary tattoos are made of ink and glue which are much longer than older temporary tattoos.In this process, the tattoo is applied to the outer surface of the skin and remains until such time as the image fades away or is removed.It is time consuming way as it takes less time for the drawing the temporary tattoos.

Temporary Tattoo on Back temporary face tattoo

A temporary tattooing is a excellent choice for all those people who are against any permanent tattoos or body art. Basically a temporary tattoo is not a tattoo at all, rather they are body skickers like a decorative stickers.There are Different types of temporary tattoos which can be choosen:

  • Decal temporary tattoos are most popular type of temporary tattoo. These tattoos are very common among the children. These are least expensive and very easy to handle.

  • Airbrush tattoos are Non toxic water-proof body paints are used to drawn these tattoos. These tattoos look as same like real tattoos.Even though these tattoos are water proof, but you can rid off it and you can easily remove it.

  • Mehndi tattoos are much popular in indian culture.It is perhaps the most famous and widely accepted form of temporary tattoo. Natural herb called "Henna" is used as temporary color the skin with a reddish brown shade. These tattoos are generally done on hands,wrists as well as on the legs. These tattoos remains in its effect for three weeks.

Temporary Tattoo on lower back temporary star tattoo


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